Catalog download-a leading manufacturer of B/W and color Doppler ultrasound imaging system, Easiscan

Over the past 16 years since Bondway is established on July 11, 2006,  we've developed a variety of medical ultrasound scanner, 3D and 4D color doppler diagnostic ultrasound system, patient monitoring system, reusable biopsy needle brackets (or biopsy needle guide) for ultrasonic transducers or probes, etc both human and Veterinary version available for you to choose from.

1)Veterinary Medical
*Digital B/W Ultrasound Scanner (Portable, Laptop, Palmtop, Wrist-top, Trolley-style)
*Digital color doppler ultrasound imaging system (portable, laptop and trolley-style)

*Patient Monitoring System (TFT LCD Display size:15.1-inch, 12.1-inch,10.4-inch)

2)Human Medical
*Digital B/W Ultrasound Scanner (Portable & Trolley-style)
*Digital 3D/4D Color Doppler Ultrasound System
*Reusable biospy Needle guide for ultrasound transducers (over 600 types)

*Patient Monitoring System (TFT LCD Display size:15.1-inch, 12.1-inch,10.4-inch)

Please click on the model number that you're interested in and download product brouchure into your own computer for reference.

Veterinary Medical
Veterinary Ultrasound-ultrasound scan for swine, ovine, goat canine, feline,etc
Product Brouchure BC400V Veterinary Color Doppler
Product Brouchure BW500V
Product Brouchure BW510V
Product Brouchure BW540V
Product Brouchure BW560V
Product Brouchure BW570V

Product Brouchure BW560V-pro
Product Brouchure BW570V-pro
Product Brouchure BW580V-pro

1)BW510V is out of supply since October 1, 2017
2) BW560V-pro, BW570V-pro and BW580V-pro are ECONOMIC models

Equine, bovine Ultrasound-ultrasound scan for horse, beef cattle, dairy cattle, camel, etc
Product Brouchure BW540V
Product Brouchure BW560V
Product Brouchure BW570V
Product Brouchure BW500V
Product Brouchure BW510V

Veterinary color Doppler ultrasound system
Product Brouchure BC400V
Product Brouchure ES230V
Product Brouchure ES250V

Product Brouchure ES260V

Backfat Measurment Instrument
Product Brouchure BW20V

Pregnancy Test Instrument (for Pig, sheep, goat)
Product Brouchure BW10V

Multiparameter Veterinary Monitors
Product Catalog BW3B.pdf
Product Catalog BW3C.pdf
Product Catalog BW3M.pdf
Product Catalog BW3S.pdf

Human Medical

DIGITAL color Doppler ultrasound imaging system
Product Brouchure BC400
Product Brouchure ES230
Product Brouchure ES250
Product Brouchure ES260

Digital Black/white ultrasound scanner
Product Brouchure BW500
Product Brouchure BW540
Product Brouchure BW610
Product Brouchure TS8800plus 4D ultrasound

Biopsy Needle Bracket for Ultrasound Transducer
Product Brouchure Biopsy Needle Bracket

Multiparameter Patient Monitoring System
Product Brouchure BW3A
Product Brouchure BW3B
Product Brouchure BW3C

Bondway, a leading Chinese manufacturer, distributor and exporter of  full digital ultrasound machine, digital 3d or 4d color doppler ultrasound imaging system, reusable biopsy needle bracket for ultrasound transducers, multi-parameter patient monitors since July 11 2006, and has exported to over 136 countries and regions